Building Efficient Homes the Affordable Way

At GreenLife Homes we build homes of the highest quality using advanced construction methods while showing respect to our environment. Our priority is creating homes that are energy efficient, easy to maintain, and to create a healthy living style for everyone we build for.

GreenLife focuses on building authentic & timeless architectural styles, which enables us to create truly remarkable residences in a variety of authentic styles. At the same time, we save our client’s money by building a high-performance home that lowers their utility bills.

As a smaller company, we emphasize in caring and responsive service, attending to every detail, and encourage our customers to work with us as co-designers. GreenLife understands that we are not just building a house we are building someone’s dream. If you decide to work with GreenLife Homes, we will help you to select and modify a house plan to achieve a design solution that will be practical, affordable, and a beautiful fit for you.

The GreenLife Homes Experience:

  • General Contracting from the initial design stage to a finished home.
  • Unit Pricing Construction Contract to Lock-Up stage.
  • Construction Project Management for Services and Construction of your home with you as the General contractor.
  • Supply and install SIP Packages
  • Construction Project Management for renovations and additions.
  • Provide all your drafting, design and engineering services for residential, commercial, multi-family and engineering services.


Contact Info:  Office - 403-945-9832 , Fax – 403-945-9822  , email - info@greenlifehomes.com