How We Do It

Why are our homes better than others? Contrary to popular belief, building an energy efficient home does not cost more money, it saves you money.

The Key Elements to a Greenlife Home

  • A prefabricated exterior wall and optional roof system built with Structural Insulated Panels,
  • Increased quiet and comfort living
  • High performance windows
  • High performance heating system
  • Energy Star rated appliances
  • Controlled fresh air exchange
  • Low maintenance building products
  • Waste reduction during construction process
  • Water conversation design
  • Environmentally conscious site planning
  • Use of environmentally preferable building products
  • Healthy environment indoor materials
  • Optional Smart Control for home appliances, heat, security, and entertainment.

With the advancement in building technology since the 1970's, homes are built much tighter in order to save energy. These advancements, while good for saving energy and money, have led to an increase in poor indoor air quality – houses don't breathe like they use to. This is why every green certification program, local or national, not only addresses energy efficiency but also health and sustainability. As a leader in the indoor air quality design GreenLife Homes offers a full product line of green solutions including – humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air filtration, ventilation, radiant heat, and heat zoning.

Our homes are designed specifically for the lot, taking into account the views, development guidelines, the land slopes, the sdirection of the sun for passive heating during winter, and our clients every need. With custom kitchens, niches, high ceilings, large decks and many unique details, you can be sure that your home will not be your neighbour’s home.

We gauge the energy efficiency of Greenlife Homes using the Government of Canada's EnerGuide Rating, Our ultimate goal is to produce high energy–efficient near-zero energy homes at no additional cost to the client.