Structural Insulated Panel (SIP)

Structural Insulated Panels for your walls, roofs, and foundation walls...

  • are built with solid insulation.
  • are structurally engineered individually for each project.
  • provide twice the insulating power of typical wood-frame construction. In fact, their R-value exceeds both the US Energy Star rating and the CMHC R2000 rating.
  • are 3 times stronger, built indoors, and tightly sealed during fast on-site installation. This translates into a more solid fit, less cracks, and ultimately less maintenance.
  • are not subjected to moisture, insects and molds like typical site-built construction.


- SIPs are made from recyclable EPS foam and fast growing OSB species

- SIPs create a tight building envelope, immediately reducing the amount of heat and cold that transfers through the walls of traditional buildings, offering up to 60% energy savings

- Pre-cut SIPs packages create far less jobsite waste than traditional framing methods

- SIPs provide large solid walls, roofs and floors. SIPs  have very few gaps, and fewer places that pollutants can come into a building  resulting in superior indoor air quality (IAQ) and healthier structures